Farmer By Choice

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”  Remember when practically every adult with whom you engaged in a serious conversation, asked you that question?  Many of us based our answers on our interests or the professions of our parents. Today’s children are encouraged to set their career goals based on how much income it will generate for them. Most parentshope their children choose careers that will afford them all thebest things that money can buy or at the very least, they hope their children will generate enough income to move out on their own.

So how would you respond if your child told you that he/shewanted to become farmer? What image comes to mind at the thought? Scary huh? 

Now consider your reaction if your‘significant other’ informs you that they wanted to become a farmer.   Well folks, welcome to reality.  

When my “New York City Born and Raised” husband, expressed his desire to enter into the farming profession, with no, I repeat, no prior farming experience, I translated his statement to mean, “grab your pitch fork honey, we’re moving in with my parents while we figure this thing out.” In my mind farming wasn’t a career move that would lead to me living the “American Dream.”  I mean, that was the reason my mother moved my brother, sister, and I from Jamaica, a 3rd world country, and encouraged us to pursue higher education, in order to escape the lifestyle of a farmer.  But why? What about the life or lifestyle of a farmer that makes us cringe at the very thought of entering into, what is arguably, one of the noblest of professions. Could it be that the negative images the media paints of the “toiling farmer, back bent”, or the poorly informed outdated textbooks that reinforce stereotypes of farmers as unintelligent “country bumpkins” who wear straw hats and carry pitchforks?

Armed with this image, I reluctantly, ok…kicking and screaming followed my husband in pursuit of his dream. Little did I know that what would ensue was one of the most profound and revolutionary experiences of my life.  The result of which, has led to a life changing encounter with the creator.  It makeso sense that I would meet the creator of the Universe, not within the walls of a church, but in the garden, amongst His creation.

Our journey into Farming has helped usi not only ‘over’stand the science behind the food we eat and its impact on our overall health and well being, it is through our love for nature, by daily farming, we have gained ‘over’standing and appreciation for the “Process.” Through the process of planting a small seed, nurturing it, and by faith knowing the realization of one day harvesting it as sustenance, I personally must say I have developed a greater appreciation and respect for all farmers worldwide and the processes they undergo to ensure humanity can easily and effortlessly access the manna of life, QUALITY FOOD. 

Which profession is more important than a Farmer who produces the nourishment YOU need for my basic survival?  After journeying down the ‘road less traveled’, you too can emerge renewed and invigorated, able to see more clearly how the matrix had many of us programmed to work to sustain its existence rather than our own. 

I am honored to introduce myself today as Empress Zaria, FARMER and Agriculturalist.

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