A very good friend of mine, Claudette Hutchinson, venturing on her own Entrepreneurial Journey at Spice Island Grill, shared a story with me that changed my perspective on life. I encourage you to read it.  The speech was delivered by Temple University’s President Russell Conwell and communicated a powerful message that helped me in my transition into farming. As you know, from my You Tube Channel, Empress Diaries, where I Vlog my transition into farming, I wasn’t at all happy when my husband moved our family onto the farm.

Mr. Conwell’s speech titled, Acres of Diamond, challenged my thinking and lead me to start taking inventory of the value, not only in the property we now owned, but in myself, my husband, and our children.

Unlike Al Hafed who, in the story, sold his property to look for diamonds, I sought to locate the “diamonds” on our property. My pursuit led to a journey of self-discovery. By stepping out of the ‘rat race’, I had the time to be still and discover the beautiful “diamonds” that lie within myself, my husband, and our children. Our journey took a lot of processing and I mean A LOT OF PROCESSING. As a result however, we are evolving into better human beings and the farm into a place where, those who desire, can journey on a path to complete health; physical, emotional, and spiritual.

The public school system is designed to prepare us to use our talents to cultivate someone else’s wealthy rather than cultivate our own. I would encourage you to start cultivating your own “diamonds” they are buried deep inside you. Keep in mind though, it is a process. If you are familiar with the process that a diamond goes through before it becomes a diamond, you know that it is no easy process; But neither is cultivating someone else’s diamond.

So what do you have to lose?

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