According to the LA Times, on the last minute of 2016, the International Time Keeping community will tack on an additional second, known as the LEAP second, to the last minute of the year. The official atomic clock, that keeps Universal Coordinated Time, will mark 23H, 59 M, 59s, followed by the leap second, 23h, 59m, 60s.

So, this is the significance of the LEAP second of this LEAP Year to ME. Well, other than answering a question that has haunted me from my childhood; is there a transition time from one year to another?

During the last LEAP Year of 2012, I made the LEAP to follow my husband on his path to realizing his dream of living on a farm. I share my experience via my You Tube Channel-Empress Diaries.

As the LEAP Year 2016 comes to an end and I prepare to LEAP into My DREAM DEFERRED, I watch with PRIDE, JOY, and tremendous APPRECIATION, each of our children LEAP into their destiny.

When I think about each of their individual accomplishments this year, I know first hand, the sacrifices that were made to help facilitate the manifestation of their DREAMS. At the risk of financial and career stagnancy, I made the tough decision to be a STAY AT HOME MOM.

As it so happened, at each crossroad when a decision between family or career had to be made, I was at a pivotal point in my career.

In 1998,  shortly after the birth of our 3rd child, Savion, I was offered the opportunity to transition into the Officer Ranks of the US Navy from the Enlisted Ranks. I had recently completed my Bachelor Degree and was perfectly positioned for that opportunity. Although a difficult decision, I chose to be a STAY AT HOME MOM.

In 2002 after completing grad school, and at the height of my teaching career, I once again made the tough decision to stay at home for our 4th child, Karian.

This precedent had been set previously with our older children, Christian and Alyssa.  At which time, either my husband or I, would stay at home with the children.

Although, at the time, I didn’t really understand the significance of my decision, today, I realize its impact on a larger social scale. You see, by choosing to be a Stay At Home Mom, my responsibilities extended beyond cooking, cleaning, and folding laundry. As a Stay At Home Mom I was PRESENT and AVAILABLE to attend to the Physical, Spiritual, and Emotional needs of my children.

Now, as I prepare to finally LEAP into my own DREAMS DEFERRED, I take with me, invaluable lessons learned from my unselfish decision to deviate from the norm. I emerged from my farm experience with secrets that are only revealed to those who choose to commune with Mother Nature. Truths that are hidden in plain view but invisible to us because of our distracted, destructive lives and our detachment from Mother Nature.

Likewise, I emerged and continue to evolve, from my experience as a MOTHER-The most important JOB on Earth. I now have a clearer understanding of  OUR roles as Women. I now see Women as Co-Creators with Spirit in order to facilitate the entrance and experiences of SOUL on Earth. “Let US make MAN in our Image.”

When we learn from Mother Nature we soon learn that many of the ideas we hold and live as OUR Truth are inconsistent with her principles, leading to DIS-ease and Social Ills.

So, as we prepare to LEAP from 2016-The End, and into 2017-The Beginning, The Alpha and the Omega,  I would encourage you to take the BLUE Pill and LEAP out of the MATRIX and LEAP into YOUR DREAM DEFERRED!!

Cheers to an AMAZING 2017

Ready, Set, LEAP!!


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