Updated: Jul 10, 2020

I watched Black Panther, not once, but twice.  The first time I watched I was caught up in the excitement of the characters, costumes, etc…  The second time, I paid more attention to the message/s, the most profound of which was communicated brilliantly through Kilmonger and the circumstances around which his character was shaped. Learn Why Kilmonger was such a compelling Villain in Black Panther.

Although brilliant, skilled in the art of combat, and a descendant of Wakanda, Kilmonger, the cousin of T’Challa (Black Panther),  grew up angry and bitter because, after his father’s death, he was left in an environment that restricted, rather than supported his intellect, skills, and Dreams. As a consequence, Kilmonger, became bitter and angry as a result of the crippling poverty and crime infested environment of his South LA Community.

Although a descendant of the most technologically advanced society on Earth, Kilmonger grew up on the rugged streets of  LA.  Kilmonger’s character represents the modern day descendants of Africa living in the West, who under the crushing economic limitations, distorted spiritual ideologies, and unjust laws of their oppressors, struggle to advance themselves spiritually, economically, and technologically.  This results in a generation of Kilmongers who, instead of using their intellect, training, and power to advance themselves, aspire to destroy their oppressors, which included the people of Wakanda. The People of Wakanda, possessed the ancient wisdom, the technology, and the natural resources needed to help Kilmonger overcome his oppressors. Sadly, they chose not to help.

Today, many of us, caught up in our own personal struggles, whether financial, relational, or otherwise, forget that struggles are unending. The fact is, it is through our struggles that we learn and grow.  And so while we each are facing our own unique struggles, we need not face them alone.

In our desperation and separation we neglect to apply a simple law. The application of which will help us to navigate the choppy waters of learning, masquerading as struggles. That Law is the Law of Reciprocity. Simply Put Do For Others As You Would Have Them Do For You.

I cannot over emphasize the little practiced principle of giving to, and helping those less fortunate than ourselves, with no strings attached.

If we remain complicit while Kilmonger suffers under his oppressors' injustice, we too will soon suffer his fate.


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