Karen, Kops, & Kualified Immunity. A Deadly Trio.

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Cato Clark Neily Explains Qualified Immunity

I don't know about you but I'm more than a little concerned that politicians and law enforcement officers cannot be held accountable if they break the law. That's what qualified immunity affords them. A get out of jail free card. Qualified Immunity was established by Judges who, by the way, are elected officials, except Supreme Court Judges, who are appointed by ________?. So in essence, thanks to judges, Politicians, or LAW Makers, The President, Judges, and Police Officers, do not have to submit to the laws they place upon We The People.

So what exactly is Qualified Immunity? I have questions and concerns.

Let's parlay!

Zoom Discussion July 18, 2020 7PM

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